Sigyn winced a bit when her mother brushed her hair with her fingers. She was like an untamed horse, hair included. She looked at her curiously. A new dress? Peaches from Vanaheim? A visit of her older sisters?

"…" she blinked, not quite believing her mother’s words, at first. But her child’s heart filled with hope, and her eyes with tears. Did the Norns finally gave her what she asked for every night? "And… and you’ll be there too…?" Sigyn managed to whisper before she pouted, unable to stop the thick tears. 

At the sight of the tears in her daughter’s eyes, she smiled widely, knowing how much it meant to her to see her father and to be with the two of the together. She nodded. “Yes, I will be there. I would not leave you there unattended, my love. The Norns know you father would have a hard time watching you alone”, she joked. “Are you surprised?”


She leaned against her mother as soon as she sat down with her. “I do not mind…” she whispered with her eyes half closed. Sigyn wrapped her arms around her mother’s, to make sure that she wouldn’t leave any time soon. “I can always fake that I am surprised, if that will make you feel better…?”

Gentle fingers ran and untangled the dark hair atop of the child’s head. “I am glad you don’t”, she told her with a warm tone to her voice. Freyja held her hand securely as well. “Do not fake it, my dear. You don’t know it yet”, the Vanadis answered. After a brief moment of silence, the goddess spoke again. “I chose some of your clothes because I was, or rather I am, planning to take you to see your father in Nidavellir.”

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Sigyn pressed the sheets of her bed against her chest and her lips were now a thin line. “I don’t care…” she whispered. No, not really, but Sigyn didn’t want to accept that the figure of her mother between the shadows scared her to death. She heard from the Trickster’s lips that the most horrible monsters came when the sun disappeared from the sky. 

"Then I will sit here, if you don not mind", the goddess told her child, walking towards her bed and sitting by her side. The bundle of clothes were Sigyn’s own that she had handpicked. "I did not mean to scare you, my little Sigyn", she told her. "In fact, I was preparing a surprise for you, but I fear I have failed."






"No, you didn’t scare me. Now leave me alone." she mumbled, clearly scared. 

"Clearly, my child", Freyja told her, emerging from the shadows, a number of folded clothes on her hands. "Do you want me to leave?"

The Old Days.

The fabric of her dress brushed against the floor as she paced back and forth, anxious about the days to come, and grievous over the days past. Too much bloodshed, and the innocent paid on both sides. The Aesir attacked with their brawn, while the Vanir attacked with the brains, the seidhr so common to them and alien to those of Asgard.

She had looked for the wiser Vanir for guidance, and  sought her father for advice. She offered them to Njord, for the sake of those who died and for the sake of those who remained. But for the time being, it was pointless.

When she had enough, the goddess decided it was best to put herself in the line of fire. Or rather, past it. She had a mind to seek the Aesir, whichever one she could find, and share her views. Peace had to be achieved, a compromise had to be made, else the realms would find themselves with new rivers, as those that once existed in Ginnungagap, but these would be crimson.

She made her way through destroyed paths until she found the gates of Asgard. Boldly, she walked towards the palace and entered, hands bare as a sign of peace, at least for the time being.



"Is it…supposed to be that color?"

"I… don’t think so, no."

The Nine Worlds and the Ash Tree Yggdrasill. [x]

The Nine Worlds and the Ash Tree Yggdrasill. [x]